Sheri Candeletta DVM


Dr. Sheri Candeletta graduated from the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine in 1992. Since then she has treated dogs, cats, and occasional exotic animals in Orange County California for her entire career. Besides completing an externship in cancer medicine at All Care Animal Refrral Center and an MBA at Chapman University in Orange, she has owned a Banfield hospital in Foothill Ranch and a vocational school - the Professional Veterinary Assistant School - and now is part owner of the OC Veterinary Assistant School in Garden Grove. She worked at Arbor Animal Hospital from 1999-2008, and is back again with her Arbor friends since January 2017.

Anthony Stone MBA


Anthony started his professional career in Denver, Colorado and has been an educational professional for over 10 years.


Anthony is currently the Executive Director for OC Veterinary Assistant School, where he is responsible for the day to day operations of the campus. Anthony has held many positions as an educational professional such as; Assistant Director of Education, Education Manager, Director of Student Accounts, and Business Management Instructor.


Anthony holds a Master’s of Business Administration Degree from Regis University and additionally has his Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of Northern Colorado. Anthony is an experienced professional with experience working with students from varying backgrounds.

Philip Snow RVT


Philip first began working for Dr. John Hamil and Dr. Gershon Alaluf at Canyon Animal Hospital in Laguna Beach in 2002, where he went on to become the Head Technician and served as a Supervisor.  He attended PVAS where he was taught by Dr. Sheri and Jill Ruffu, RVT and received his Registered Veterinary Technician License in 2009 and has been teaching ever since.  Philip also worked for VPI/Nationwide Insurance as a Senior Trainer for their Veterinary Claims Department from 2011-2013. 

Lauryn Harker RVT


With years of experience in management, emergency medicine, and small animal care in hospitals throughout Orange County, Lauryn is a graduate of the University of Tennessee Canine Rehabilitation Program and now the owner of Canine Rehabiliatation of Orange County, a physical therapy facility for dogs.  When Lauryn is not teaching she likes to "rehabilitate" her mid century ranch home with her husband and daughter.

Marianne Hoover RVT


Marianne Hoover started her professional career as an Emergency Technician at a small practice in Utah. Upon moving to California, Marianne attended Professional Veterinary Assistant School completing the Alternate Route program and obtaining her license as a Registered Veterinary Technician in 2009. Much of Marianne’s experience comes from her role as Training Supervisor at Yorba Regional Animal Hospital. Marianne has also worked in education with over 4 years of experience teaching Veterinary Attendant students. When Marianne is not working, she spends her free time with her two crazy Dobermans.

Kelly Dow RVT


Kelly is a Registered Veterinary Technician currently working at Animal Medical Clinic of Fullerton.  She has been working as a Technician for over 13 years.  Kelly was chosen by Pfizer to be a part of the Techspert program and was trained in lecturing to colleagues on Heartworm Associated Respiratory Disease in felines and the role Selamectin plays in the prevention.  Kelly has been teaching the Veterinary Attendant program for over 10 years and is part of the mentorship and career shadow program through the local high school for students interested in learning about veterinary technology.

Jill Alle RVT


Jill is a Registered Veterinary Technician currently working at Orange County Emergency Pet Clinic in Garden Grove.  Jill graduated in 1986 with an AA in Animal Health Technology from Pierce College in Tacoma Washington.  She has been teaching since 2004 and is skilled in Emergency, Critical Care and Surgery.

adriana ortega.jpg


Adriana is a Registered Veterinary Technician and has worked at Orange County Emergency Pet Clinics since 2017. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona in 2010 and has worked in the animal care field for over 8 eight years. In addition to working in veterinary clinical settings, Adriana also has experience working with animals at an animal shelter, animal research laboratory, and a zoo. 

weldy bio pic.jpg


Jennifer is a graduate from OCVAS and has been working in the veterinary field since she was little.  Her dad is a veterinarian, so she would often help him out when the clinic was closed.  Her background is not only in dog and cat medicine, but also exotics, zoo, and wildlife animals.  She got her Bachelor’s in zoology from the University of Hawaii at Manoa in 2012 and her RVT license in 2017.  She is currently working on her Masters in Veterinary Forensics.  On her days off, Jennifer enjoys playing with her dogs Charlie and Sophie, and going camping and off-roading in the Mojave Desert.